Chand raat mubarak 2019-Qotes,wishes and messages

Chand raat mubarak 2019-Qotes,wishes and messages

chand raat is the most exciting and cheerful event which is celeberated in all muslim ummah so we provide you Chand raat mubarak 2019-Qotes,wishes and messages.Children dressed up wanting to look exceptionally tidy with their freshly polished shoes, too steel onself for their own battle; their fight to induce attention amidst others of their kind.

Men in their crisp white salwar kurtas, wanting to seem handsome – and slim when a month of ingestion some less – flaunt their triumph. It’s time to celebrate.


No matter however early they begin getting ready for Eid, but some people leave minute tasks on the list and then, once the moon-sighting is proclaimed such individuals proceed for searching in different markets of city.

Getting ready to mark the happy occasion of Eid-ull-adha, ladies and girls crowded beauty parlors and markets at Chand Raat. They long unbroken looking ahead to their communicate beautify their hands and feet with mehndi.

ladies are buying bangles and different accessories from road side shop at chand Raat

There is a large inflow of everyone’s favorite “Pindi boys.” better-known to originate from Rawalpindi, they are available in mammoth teams via motorcycles, vans, buses and recently the tube bus to pay their enhances to the gals.


On the Chand Raat, some special peeps volume up the desi music in their cars and cruise the streets as romantic vigilantes trying to find love initially sight. they’re blind by the bling and skill an evening they won’t forget till successive weekend.

Chand raat mubarak

Once, within the distant past, the neighborhood tailor, the native artisan and a few grand married woman WHO knew all the most effective formulas for mix mehndi and applying it within the most exquisite patterns were the foremost wanted individuals on chaand raat. and also the attention they came the span of many hours of that night may simply conjure for any real or unreal slights they’d to endure throughout the remainder of the yea  r.


The country’s unwell economy and rising fuel costs have, however, restricted the shopping for power of most Pakistanis this year, creating the searching activity costlier thanks to the financial gain and value inequality.

Chand raat mubarak Quotes is providing you best Chand raat mubarak Quotes in this beautiful hours


May Allah bless you a lot of during this night and invariably,

Chand raat Mubarak!!


Chand raat mubarak

Dekha EID ka Chand nazar aya

To Mangi Ye Dua Rab Se..

De Sath hmra apni rehmat k se

Chand Raat Mubarak!! .


Wishing U Kuch Khatti

Kuch Mithi

Kuch Chatpti

Kuch Chulboli

Khushiyun Sy Bhari

Chand Raat Mubarak..!!!

Chand raat mubarak
Enjoye this Tikka at EID , chaand raat Muabarik

May the angels shield you!

May the sorrows forget you!

May the goodness surround you!

May Allah Bless you!

EID-UL-ADHA moon Night Muabarak ho!


This cheerful night is here with scores of excitement for wanting moon around the sky, praying and wish the idolised ones. because the moon is lynx-eyed to let’s celebrate the primary night of EID!

Chand Raat Muabarak

Chand raat mubarak

Maang lo Allah se…

Hum Dua Karein Ge

K Wo Mil Jae Aap Ko….

Happy Chand Raat & Eid Mubarak…



Aaj Khuda ki hum par metal Meharbani…

Karde maaf sabhi brand ki saree Nafarmani..

Eid K din aj aao mil kae karae yahi wada…

Chand Raat Mubarik 2019!!!

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