Day of Ashura Best Dua’s and Quotes for the

Day of Ashura

The Day of Ashura remembers us the death anniversary of Hussain ibn Ali (A.S), a great leader who was martyred in Karbala. This Day of Ashura is fall upon the 10 muharram this day is significant for Muslims in all the world as the holy month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims believes that on the 10 Muharram

This day is sobbed by millions of people around the whole world to remember Hazrat Hussain(R.A) stand for justice, against Yazid.

This is the greatest and the most painful moment in history of Islam. Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) was the prophet of Muhammad (S.A.W) grandson who was facing by an army of 30,000 people at Karbala, they don’t have water for three days. They ambitiously fight in battle but they were all martyred and their all family members are died on the single day dated 10 muharram and this day remember as Day of Ashura is trying to provide best quotes with images for different events but you can also find different quotes at different websites so make your events memorable with us.

Day of Ashura 10 Muharram

In the memory of 10 Muharram

Thus this event was very sad and there are two public holidays on 9 muharram and 10 muharram. This year this event will going to held at Monday 9 and Tuesday10 September   


here are some 10 Muharram consoling quotes and prayers for

the prophet saw said to Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima

–I am in war with those who will fight you, and in peace with those who are peaceful to you!!!


–Our children and youth should not consider this matter as a matter of weeping nation.


–No one could have seen my father’s smile when the month of Muharram came. Sadness was increasing in his face day by day till 10th Muharram and when the tenth day of Muharram would dawn, it would be a day of grief and weeping for him

In the memory of 10 Muharram
In the memory of 10 Muharram


–Hazrat Muhammad SAW said that for whoever I am his leader Ali is his leader


Hazrat Imam Hussain(R.A) was the man who exposed the real face of Terrorism in the society.

For the all the Muslims this month brings sadness not only for the Ahle Tashi but also for the Sunnis.

In the memory of 10 Muharram
In the memory of 10 Muharram


The Prophet  said : “Whoever fasts one day during the month of Muharram will get a reward of fasting 30 days.”


The merit of fasting on Ashura is so high that once , it was asked from our prophet ( SAW ) so he  said: It expiates the sins of preceding year.


This month bring so much sadness that once Hazrat Imam Reza said that: No one could have seen my father’s smile when the Month of Muharram .Sadness on his face was increasing in his face day by day till the tenth of Muharram ( The day of Ashura) . And when the day of tenth Muharram would dawn . It would be a day of Greif and Weeping for him.


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