Nokia releases it’s budget phones

Nokia releases it’s budget phones

Nokia releases it’s budget mobile phones recently for the ease of people and to gain the higher profit but first overview the company.

As we all are well familiar with the nokia mobile phones in Pakistan, especially for those people who were born between 1990-2008 because this generation have used all the nokia’s traditional mobiles like nokia 3310 ,6600 ,7610 etc .
Nokia enjoyed its great time in the 2000 to 2012 by selling its N series phones in all around the world and become the most selling phone brand in this era during this time they sold their c series phones which have java supporting operating systems with latest features like wifi ,Bluetooth and all that times modern options their most leading operating system were symbiosis operating system

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But unfortunately nokia mobile phones had not upgrade their system to android where as its real competitors like Samsung , hTC, move their operating systems to android.
Therefore, nokia started to downfall and became to vanish and its rivals make a huge amount of profit this tenure .Thus nokia’s top management decided to come back in the market .
So they introduces their android series in 2017 with Nokia 2 ,3 with low prices and optimized performance like powerful batteries ,large displays using good colors which is less harmful for health especially eyes.Nokia 2.2 the recent release of nokia.

Nokia 2.2

Nokia releases it’s budget mobile phones which is Nokia 2.2 and

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and now we will talk about the latest release of nokia which is nokia2.2 here are specs and our expert reviews for the phone .


This mobile phone is available under the price bracket of 20000 which is a reasonable price. Nokia follows a good practice, it is that they are using a good quality boxes for low budget phones as well like their high price phones and this mobile phone mostly comes with the warranty of Advance telecom in Pakistan
It contains the RAM of three gigabytes and ROM of thirty two gigabytes which is the most attractive feature for its customers. Its display screen of 5.71 inches with high definition plus quality which can give you the 720p pixel quality and you will enjoy the large view (like lambaaaa wala view) .Nokia is providing an individual button for google assistant which means assistant is not available at lock button.
It also have face unlock option and a camera of 13 megapixels and 5MP respectively but on the other hand different companies are providing dual cameras setup in this price tag. Back covers and screen protectors are not available and its battery is 3000mAh which is not sufficient according to my opinion.
It have android operating system which is pie 9.0 and upgradable to 3 years OS’s because it follows google based operating systems.It has a plastic body covers and remove able battery which is a very good point because customer may carry multiple batteries at a time , it is fetched with 3 designated slots ,two slots is for sims and the last one is micro sd slot and this phone may support upto four hundred giga bytes of memory card.
It contains normal quality hands free, a usb charger cable and a power supply which does not qualify the fast charging .
People are preferring nokia phones over different phones cause of its refreshing interface but its face id is not so responsive it is taking time and finger print scanner is not here camera have no auto detection but this phone is for nokia fans and it will provide a good performance

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