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Wednesday , August 21 2019
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Information and Network security

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What is Information&Network security

The network security is the essential need of the time as we see the concept of information security

Network security related to information technology, security by using different techniques and algorithims which verifies the righteousness, handiness increasing performance of a network in an organization by securing the IT systems from threats like malware,Torjan horses, ransomware, and DDOS attacks. It is an important element of a network which include improvement of a network security, solutions for firewalls and pricey attacks and enhance in business leads and sales through which the network perform well

Need of Information security

these are some questions which mostly answered “no”

whether the data is private?
is your data has to be original?
Has your required information is present at time?

If anyone of these questions have answer in “yes” then security is needed.

We want info/network security to cut back the chance of unlicensed data leakage, changing, and shattering. we want data security to lessen the danger to connect to the business . the information and network security is needed to increase the business methods.

Network security algorithims

In early time most of the organizations and companies were using AES(Advance Encryption Standards) algorithms,DES Algorithms and Cesar ciphers techniques to secure their data but in now a days people are using RSA ,Blow Fish and Two Fish algorithms respectively.

Cyber security

Now we talk about about the cyber security which is the most important factor of information and network security

Cyber security is that the application of protection of systems, computer networks, and systems from digital violation. These cyber attacks for crack, modify, or spoiling important data like robing cash from users and halt the common business cycle.

Types of cyber security

These are the main 4 cyber security issues

  • infrastructure security:
    crucial infrastructure security is the cyber-corporal structures on which the todays societies rely upon.

The most common examples of essential infrastructure are as follow:

Electricity power grids
water cleaner plant
visitors and traffic lights
purchasing centers,markets and shoping areas
The infrastructure of an electrical grid system over the internet is more sensitive to cyber-attacks.

  • Utility and application security:

Application security is selecting jointly may including protection measures adoption to safe your systems. More over Application and utility security uses software systems associated with hardware devices to handle outside risks that may occur during development of an application.

Although applications may accessed by different networks, and security measures during this process is an essential part .

Types of application security:

antivirus programs
encryption programs
These all security measures is to approve that there is no unauthorized access . In the corporate sector they find sensitive information assets and shield them through specific application security processes hooked up to those information sets.

  • Network security:

Network security verifies that the internal network area unit is secured by protective infrastructure or prohibits the access to that network.
In addition, Network engineers still deploy methods and procedures to stop an un-official reach,changing and to get harmed the network.

  • more number of logins
  • timely changes in passwords
  • security of applications


  • Cloud security:

Cloud security refereed to as software to security algorithms that keep eye on the clouds data.Cloud storage providing companies are constantly working on their security models and tools by generating and achieving the highest level of security.
Similarly the security of Cloud computing is comparable to old ground information servers, merely while not the time and prices of sustain immense information facilities, and also the risk of security break is become less.

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