Top Reasons Behind why Tik Tok Banned in Pakistan
Wednesday , June 19 2019
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Top Reasons Behind why Tik Tok Banned in Pakistan

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Tik Tok is an app on which we can create videos on different songs and voices. It is getting popularity day by day on social media as well. Many people are getting famous day by day on Tik Tok app by making different kind of funny and other kind of videos.

Reasons Behind Tik Tok Banned in Pakistan

Tik Tok has been banned in Pakistan due to the shameful acts of the young generation by making shameful tik tok videos. People has been addicted to this tik tok disease. People are crazy about tik tok videos around the world but it is not good for the young generation specially in Islamic countries like Pakistan where it is considered as a sin.

Someone has reported about tik tok app to “Pakistan Citizen Portal”. PCP is a Pakistan Government app which is created for the solution of the local problems. So a person reported about Tik Tok app to PCP and they took this matter at high priority that is why they are banning this app from 10th January 2019.

This app will shut down completely and no one will be able to access this app from Pakistan but now the problem is how can Gov. stop people to use this app through proxies and VPN because everyone in Pakistan knows that how to remove ban from these blocked sites and apps so this is very serious matter.

How can we stop people from using Tik Tok by Proxies and VPN

Applying normal ban is not a permanent solution. Government should report about this matter to the official Tik Tok developers team directly through international mediums. Ask them to deactivate downloading of this app to Pakistani users and restrict this app from playstore.

This is the only permanent solution to get rid from tik tok addiction otherwise people will not stop to use this app from proxies and different free vpn because everyone knows about that and there are many proxies and vpn networks which are freely available in the market. People can easily use these sources so it is better to follow this permanent solution.

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