why internet not working inPakistan

why Internet is not working in Pakistan – 25 November 2017

All social medias like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other websites are blocked in Pakistan after the clash between forces and the locals 25 november 2017.

PEMRA blocked all the News channels and famous websites in Pakistan today and the Government of Pakistan ordered the internet service providers not to air any kind of informations.

The social media web sites are inaccessible to net users after safety forces cracked down on protesters at faizabad interchange and other elements of karachi.

The websites aren’t running on computing device but their telephone software is operating on cellular phones.

It’s far pertinent to mention that pakistan electronic media regulatory authority has also shut down transmission of news channels along with samaa tv following the clashes.

As a minimum one hundred thirty five people, inclusive of protesters and security personnel, have been injured in clashes at faizabad interchange which connects islamabad to rawalpindi.

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