Best Top Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes
Friday , February 22 2019
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remove dark cricles
remove dark cricles

Best Top Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

I’m going to show you how to remove dark circles and under-eye bags with a very simple easy trick and it is using our favorite baking soda so this is just your everyday baking soda that you can find in your kitchen or your supermarket and I have with me also a bowl and a little bit of water in this bowl just to mix up the baking soda with and a little teaspoon so those are the only things you’ll need and let me show you how to do it you may need a face cloth as well to take it off but that’s later let’s start with showing you how to make the paste so as I said I’ve got a little bit of water in this bowl over here then a net I’m going to mix in some baking soda so you want to be creating a runny paste and I’ll show you what my mum so this is the consistency of the paste you kind of want it is almost like sugar syrup and will drip off so.

it’s not too harsh on your eyes and will do its magics you don’t really need a lo of water for this just a couple of drops is enough and I’ve used about one of these teaspoons of baking soda in here okay so let’s apply it to our eyes making sure not to rub our eyes with this because it would be very bad for your under eyes your dark circles will get worse until you irritate the delicate skin under your eyes so how to apply this I take it on the back of the teaspoon and just smear it on alternatively you can take it in your fingers and also put it on the back of the spoon I find that it’s colder and it’s probably better for your skin around the eyes and you don’t want to put it directly right near your eye as well so just leave a little bit of room and smear it on like so and do the other sid you’ll also find that applying it with a spoon makes it very smooth and it will not drag the baking soda along the skin rather it just places it and disperses it without harming the skin around your eyes at all so give it a go and see what you think now we’re going to wait for this to drive for about five to ten minutes

then come back with a wet washcloth or in my case I’ve got some baby wipes that you can also use to wipe it off depending on what you feel like music and without rubbing it we’re just going to work it off and you’ll find that your dark circles and bags eyebag will have diminished and there is your cure great under eyes okay so I’m back and my baking soda has dried you’ll notice that it’s dried because it will feel dry and crusty around your eye so at this point you want to wipe it off so I’m going to take my baby cloth baking soda is also a great exfoliant for your face and I always use this as my exfoliator for the week and you just leave your skin feeling nice and smooth as if you just had a micro down and once all of the redness odor is off you’re done you’ll find that the under eye area feels a little bit tight but that’s good because now it is tightening the skin around the eyes your bags will have diminished.

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