GO NAWAZ GO slogan becoming famous day by day in Pakistan
Wednesday , February 19 2020
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go nawaz go
go nawaz go

GO NAWAZ GO slogan becoming famous day by day in pakistan

Be long past, sooner than soon and without a trace. P.C., strap and go away. This usa can not manage to pay for to have you ever inside the seat of political energy – GO NAWAZ GO – of that you have an excessive amount of already.

Your birthday party is in control of the nearby bodies in punjab and in the capital. It has a comfortable majority within the national assembly, an absolute majority in the most important province, its very own president and it practically controls all residence committees except within the senate.- GO NAWAZ GO – Now in march subsequent yr you may lock out each little bit of opposition from coverage and legislative fray by means of controlling the higher house as well.

This is bad for pakistan. There ought to be a restrict to one’s political advantage. There seems to be none on you. That you have amassed this attention of strength via votes is immaterial. The quit result is what counts, and it is that you’ll be in an unassailable function to trade some thing and everything within the charter with the aid of controlling the senate.

Who is aware of what you’re making plans after you are in that position of absolute power? What vile ideals reside in your head? What video games have you concept of playing the moment you see the final horizon entering your grasp? Even in case your heart is smooth and head is instantly we nevertheless don’t want to take that chance.

From the manner things stand these days – and going only via the effects of the nearby bodies elections held over the last 4 years – it’s miles clear that your birthday celebration will win the next polls. It may no longer preserve its modern advantage but it will no longer be rocked out of energy.- GO NAWAZ GO – Which means nearby our bodies, senate, the countrywide meeting, provincial meeting and presidency ought to all be underneath your control for every other five years or greater. This is horrible.

Yes, there’s no constitutional bar on any celebration winning elections again and again. Neither is there any restrict on how often the same character can be prime minister. But this is the concept of democracy; we don’t have to live by that principle. It’s far hard on the eyes to peer the identical face in the pm residence and the identical circle of relatives in energy for goodbye. It simply does not appearance right. Very awful optics. One time period is sufficient, and three instances in the pm house is extra than sufficient. Put those two things collectively and you’ll recognize why we’re announcing enough is enough.

Also, others need to too have a threat at getting their foot inside the doorways of the pm residence. Imran khan deserves to be there. Why? Why now not? This region has seen shujaat hussain, zafarullah jamali, shaukat aziz, yusuf gilani, raja pervaiz ashraf. What’s wrong with imran khan? He is certified. First, because he’s imran khan. Second, because he says he’s certified. 1/3, due to the fact he’s been around for almost two decades. Fourth, due to the fact he’s were given his act together now. He offers a mesmerising array of latest-generation leadership which incorporates firdous ashaq awan, likely sheikh rashid or even babar awan. What greater does the kingdom want? Many others have joined him. – GO NAWAZ GO -These and others who have come to the pti on special access passes now gift a powerful idea for future authorities.

Even though the pti doesn’t do properly on the polls and the result is a susceptible coalition authorities on the centre, and in punjab, in an effort to be some distance higher than one overly effective birthday celebration in control of government. Coalition governments have their blessings. They may be turned into governments of all expertise: all way of country wide brilliance can be inducted into them; and you could not even appoint a foreign minister.

They may be also greater dependable because they may be bendable.- GO NAWAZ GO – In a country like ours that has more than one demanding situations on all fronts and which has to do many stuff above the policies of political correctness, bendability is dependability. Flexibility is acceptability.

Cpec is a strategic challenge. The chinese language could not need the entirety to be held hostage to manner and oversight. An excessive amount of is at stake to permit procedure prevent motion of projects. Participation inside the saudi alliance is crucial for pakistan’s lengthy-term interests (which are too mystery to be disclosed to each person), and that they make demands on us. What number of home windows of selection-making can there be when the king calls us out? How many, certainly? You don’t understand the sensitivities worried in these large-price tag schemes. You’re a failure. With you out of sight the strategic image becomes clearer in terms of following up on those vital areas.

Your departure will even assist us combat the conflict on terror higher: at present we can not provide an explanation for the connection between your departure and our inner counterterror attempt, however by some means we accept as true with that your absence may be proper on this front too.

The financial system will also improve. Development projects will take off. We are able to pay lower back our debt and secure our borders against consistent threats from afghanistan, india, washington, and now even iran. Again, we can’t provide an explanation for the relationship between your departure and the arrival of country wide nirvana but it’s miles generally understood which you are a horrific omen and it’s miles because of you that we are in a multitude.

Minus you, our regulations might be photo ideal. We can have the whole lot underneath manage. Take your long shadow with you. Despite the fact that there’s little interference out of your cabinet in country wide matters of extreme significance, the presence of this lengthy shadow is too much. It need to be cut down to size – nay, made to vanish.

Additionally, you are corrupt. It’s far no argument that trendy musharraf could not prosecute on corruption expenses or that his nab (headed to begin with by means of the forbidding and formidable standard amjad) couldn’t nail you down on shadowy cash subjects. It’s miles immaterial that your call isn’t within the panama listing of offshore groups holders. — JIT CASE RESULTS

The overall perception is that you are corrupt and you’re cheating. Asif zardari says so. As do others, like pervaiz elahi. Even a few media anchors say so. And some judges have observed your statements contradictory. The jit has accused your authorities of hindering the process of responsibility. – GO NAWAZ GO – Judges have passed stern comments about government officers. In every press convention by using the competition you’re referred to as corrupt. So you should be corrupt.

Throwing law and manner, due method, truthful research, bar of proof against this legend of your corruption is irrelevant. This isn’t always the case right here. The case is that we trust you’re corrupt and in case you fail to trade our notion you are bound to be corrupt. It’s miles as easy as that.

Why don’t you get it? Why can’t you spot the writing at the wall? Why don’t you understand that you are for your manner out? We cannot have you round. The final results of this complete workout that earnestly began with the rigging costs in 2013 and got a new enhance after the panama leaks is maximum predictable, maximum obvious, maximum recognised to everyone except you. Very peculiar. Very abnormal. Why do you need to suffer the humiliation of an ordeal and formula of charges when the complete global is aware of that this is the end of the street for you? Can’t you inform how predictable each step of the whole method is? And you now not information this apparent situation is every other reason why you need to pass. How are we able to have a top minister who misses the obvious?


So leave gracefully. Depart in peace. Depart. Renounce. We haven’t but found out how to address your gift majority within the country wide meeting or your authorities in punjab, or your birthday party’s control of the local our bodies or the way to continue with early elections – all of which stays even when you go away. But this complexity is for later. – GO NAWAZ GO – The same is the case with the opposite complexity of you defying what is already carved in stone. We will move the bridge of your defiance while we come to it. We are able to discern something out. For now, our preference is to peer you pass. So pass.

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