Logic is the kaiser Soze of Hip-Hop
Tuesday , July 23 2019
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kaiser soze
kaiser soze

Logic is the kaiser Soze of Hip-Hop

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Kaiser Soze — Who is he making music for? Two Ringer news writers ask the important questions about Def Jam’s resident hardcore rapper.

Resident of Jeff Jam’s biracial Hardcore rapper, has a fresh album out Friday. that is called Everybody, a boring title tried as a corrective to the album’s previously announced title, “AfricAryaN”.

He’s a nice kid who makes incredibly sincere music, rapped in a straightforward fancy style that looks increasingly quaint given the trap sensibilities that have over whelmed most of mainstream hip hop at this time.

If hip hop is a cafeteria, then Logic is sitting off somewhere by himself solving a “Rubik’s Cube”. 

Justin charity said  “my dearest colleague ‘rob harvilla’, i pay attention you’re wildly excited for the brand new logic album.

Rob harvilla replied “justin, i will get you for this”.

Charity said we are brothers in fingers.

Frankly, common sense is a hard sell in current hip-hop’s weather, dominated as it’s miles by lure drums and trap choruses. Logic tries at that stuff, relatively capably, but it’s now not his lane; it’s not him.

Logic is a virtuous schoolboy rapper whose modest recognition is tremendous for how remote it’s far, an atypical footnote inside the broader scheme of 2010s rap music.

He’s a def jam rapper who doesn’t absolutely in shape the mildew of other def jam rappers.

Kaiser soze is a good personality

In a previous decade, good judgment could had been a bitter backpacker with a profession complete of fruitless innovative compromises beforehand of him.

He’s a decent university circuit rapper, and his albums promote properly enough — his ultimate album, the fantastic proper tale, offered a bit extra than 100,000 gadgets, which is right math for a rapper these days — however doesn’t clearly have any hit records.

And yet, if there’s each person who loves common sense, it’s youngsters. In truth, i might move to this point as to bet that there isn’t always a unmarried person over age 25 who could describe themselves as a good judgment fan.

That is a polar evaluation with a person like lil yachty, a rapper seemingly concocted by 50-year-old rock newshounds as a goofy guesstimation of what young adults, with their snapchat and their rugrats and their autotune, are like nowadays.

Why do (the) youngsters (who love logic) love common sense?

Harvilla: in my ability because the oldest ringer staffer which you’ll deign to even address, allow me reiterate that i don’t take care of being trolled like this.

What i realize about kids, having been one myself numerous american wars in the past, is that they crave realness, and loathe pandering, and by way of and massive are massive nerds.

There may be no declaration approximately mass lifestyle in 2017 — with our surprise improved universes, and burgeoning-celebrity rappers who look like gorillaz characters and sound like muppet infants — more condescending than nerds are the cool youngsters now.

What that genuinely way is “the cool children have cravenly co-opted all the nerd shit.” good judgment is reclaiming nerddom for actual nerds, awkwardness for the simply awkward.

kaiser soze is on The Show With awesome Jimmy Fallon in 2015

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