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Earth Day Facts About Environment

This yr’s authentic earth day marketing campaign is environmental and climate literacy, aiming to consciousness on green projects, technology and jobs as well as the advancement of environmental and climate laws. ┬áThe u.S. Has been celebrating earth day formally for forty seven years, but every year environmental issues come to be more urgent and apparent.

The statistics beneath rejoice the range and splendor of the planet on this planet day.

  • Earth Day was founded Apr. 22, 1970 by Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson.
  • The day was officially renamed by the United Nations in 2009, when it dubbed the holiday International Mother Earth Day.
  • An envisioned 20 million human beings celebrated the first actual earth day.
  • On this planet day 2011, the earth day community planted 28 million trees in afghanistan.
  • On this planet day 2012, greater than 100,000 humans opted to trip motorcycles in china with a purpose to keep gas and decrease carbon emissions.


  • 40 percentage of the lakes in the usa are too polluted for swimming, fishing and marine existence.
  • Air pollution causes greater than two million human beings to die prematurely each yr.
  • More than one trillion gallons of untreated sewage, stormwater and business waste are dumped into natural bodies of water in the u.S. Each 12 months.
  • One and a 1/2 million lots of nitrogen pollution is dumped into the gulf of mexico via manner of the mississippi river every 12 months, which has created an uninhabitable “dead sector” inside the gulf the scale of new jersey.

Earth day and its Resources

  • Each unmarried day, 27,000 trees are cut down to make bathroom paper.
  • Recycling saves up to 5 instances the electricity utilized by waste incinerator plants.
  • Paper can simplest be recycled up to 6 times before the fibers start to disintegrate.
  • 1/2 of all artificial drugs produced have natural origins, such as 10 of the 25 first-rate-promoting capsules in the u.S.

Flowers and animals

  • The sector’s a hundred,000 trillion ants weigh the same as all the human beings on the earth.
  • Dolphins shed the top layer of their pores and skin every two hours.
  • A grasshopper can bounce 20 instances the length of its very own frame.
  • Ostriches can run faster than horses.
  • A tarantula spider can live on for extra than years without meals.


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